Storage Center Rolling Up the Doors with Convenience and Appeal

All Storage | August 20, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

By: Grizzly Detail, A.C. Hall

The decades long frustration citizens and city leaders have had over the unfinished red iron building has ended as All Storage is opening their doors and giving the building a purpose at long last.  Coming into the deal to purchase and complete the building, All Storage knew they were taking on the challenge of transforming something that has been an eyesore by most in the city for many years.

“We were certainly aware of some of the back story of the structure and how it was for a time set to be demolished.  All Storage liked taking on the challenge— taking an eyesore and turning it into what for us would be a flagship store, incorporating design and construction elements never before seen in the industry,” Brenda Morris of All Storage told the Grizzly Detail.  “All Storage White Settlement would make the area a positive talking point.  Similarly, All Storage fights the misconceptions of older first generation self storage, but our facilities are state of the art, not some dusty, dirty, iron things in disrepair.”

Aside from the obvious outside appeal of the building, the All Storage White Settlement location also features some unique indoor amenities.
“This will be a five story ‘EZ drive thru’ facility where you can drive inside to unload with large bays, industrial sized elevators, and cleanliness, safety, and protection from weather and the elements,” Morris said.  “Moving is not on the top of anyone’s favorite things to do, but at least we try to make it bearable.”