Self-Storage Spring Cleaning Ideas for Clutter

All Storage Online | March 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Marie Kondo is famous for helping people transform their homes from cluttered messes to orderly spaces that bring them joy. So let us ask, does your self-storage unit spark joy when you open it? Is it an organized tool that gives you access to important belongings you want out of the way? If not you could benefit from our Marie Kondo-inspired spring cleaning tips to help you make the most of your All Storage self-storage unit. 

Toss What You Don't Need

The first step to maximizing your space is to remove everything that shouldn't be there. The number-one Marie Kondo storage clearing tip is to pull out what you have stored, organize it into groups and rid yourself of objects you no longer need. Most people are storing boxes of junk they no longer want or use. Don't let that be you! Pull out one box at a time, sift through it, toss out the junk you don't need and you'll have storage containers open up for the stuff you really need.

Reorganize and Consolidate

After you've tossed out the junk, it's time to make your All Storage self-storage space work for you. Organize your belongings into categories or groups that make sense based on their purpose. For instance, keep your sleds, snowboards and winter clothing in the same general area, it's all used for winter activities. Think about how you use each item you place into storage, and group up similar items in one location. Do this for everything you have and you'll be amazed how much more useful the storage space becomes. 

Obtain New Containers After You Know What You Need

Only after you've tossed the junk and reorganized your existing belongings should you consider purchasing new storage containers or shelves for your space. Too many people decide they want to be organized and then run out to buy storage containers without clearing anything out. Use these spring cleaning tips to help you clear out your junk and consolidate what you have. Then, when you go to purchase containers you'll know exactly what you need already. 

Hopefully, the above storage ideas for clutter help you transform your unit into a well-oiled machine that gives you access to your belongings efficiently every time you need them. It takes time to follow through with these steps, but they make a big difference. Take it slow, change the way you store items and you'll be glad you did!