Summer Storage Tips for Arlington Residents

All Storage Online | August 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

The summer months are a popular time for facilities offering self-storage in Arlington, TX, and for good reason. These are the months when people are most active. It's a time when students are heading back home to relax and a time when families are going on vacation more often.

Below are some useful tips for using storage units in Arlington, TX, during the summer. Learn which units are best, what to store, and how to reserve a space successfully for the warmest months of the year. 

Tuck Away Seasonal Clothing Items

One of the first places to start in your home when looking for items to put into summer storage in Arlington, TX, is your wardrobe. It's likely that you have some cool weather items that you won't use during the hot summer months. All of these things can be packed into a waterproof storage container, or hung in a wardrobe box and put into self-storage until the weather cools again. 

Pack up Holiday Decorations

Alongside your jackets and pants, holiday decorations should be packed into containers and stored for the off-season. Label everything with care and organize it by the month you'll use it next year in order to conveniently store everything. Many families can save on living space big time by packing up their holiday decorations. 

Pay More for Climate Control Protection

In Arlington, climate-controlled storage spaces are most important during the summer months. Humidity isn't a huge factor here, but temperatures are. Make sure to invest in storage space that includes climate control and a way to regulate the temperatures of the unit.

Without climate protection, your storage could reach high temperatures and damage some of your belongings you're storing for the summer. It will cost a bit more, but climate control protection is worth the expense because it will help keep all your more delicate items in good condition until you're ready to use them again. 

Enjoy Efficient College Storage

College students should look very seriously at local storage units they can use to pack up dorm furniture and other items they don't want to bring home. Whether you're a college student, or you have a student at home, it makes sense to have a storage unit to avoid moving all the bigger pieces of furniture back and forth between your home and the dorm room for things like summer break. 

Get Your Storage Before Summer

Self-storage fills up fast during the summer months in Arlington. That's why it's important to invest in storage a month or two before the beginning of the season whenever possible. If you wait until the beginning of the summer, all available units might be taken, or you may be forced to get a unit size that isn't optimal for your needs. Reserve a unit early into the summer season when possible and get the size that's right for you. 

Summer is a popular time for self-storage in Arlington, TX, and these simple tips can help you make the most of storage space if you invest in one. Keep each of these tips in mind when finding a space of your own and you should get even more out of the experience.