This Reddit Thread About All Storage Has Inspired Photoshop Gold

All Storage Online | April 23, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Reddit—the so-called front page of the internet—can be an unpredictable place. From subreddits for people who seek relationship advice to entire threads devoted to sharing images of birds with human arms, the content on Reddit ranges from wholesome and heartwarming to downright crazy.


R/mildlyinteresting is a subreddit that sits somewhere in the middle. Here, there are no memes, no gifs, no long stories. There are just images accompanied by straightforward titles. The photos depict the kind of innocuous curiosities that might make you pause and go, “Hmmm” before moving on with your day. Fans of r/mildlyinteresting share photos of stains that look like cartoons, triple rainbows, heart-shaped chicken nuggets, albino squirrels and other things that capture attention without inciting shock or controversy.


A little over a week ago, Reddit user u/Nugasaki shared an image of All Storage’s box office design. Since then, the thread has amassed over 700 comments and has been upvoted over 62,400 times.


For those of us at All Storage, the photo of the self storage office is very, very familiar. It’s our box office design, which includes a 30-40 foot exterior structure that looks exactly like a cardboard box—corrugated edges and all. The design, which is now trademarked and appears at All Storage facilities throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, was part of a rebranding effort aimed at showcasing All Storage’s fun, approachable attitude. Silly as those giant boxes may seem, they’ve been remarkably successful at driving customers to facilities.


“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that facility, which has only been open a month, has had our best month out of any All Storage stores in our history,” All Storage CEO Jay Schuminsky said of an All Storage facility that opened in Plano, Texas in 2018.


The viral thread on Reddit is a nice reminder that All Storage’s box office design is working. The hilarious comments that accompany it, on the other hand, are just an awesome side effect. Here’s a selection of our favorites:


There were jokes:


“First good rain and they’re gonna regret making that building out of cardboard.” -u/youdoitimbusy


That's not a store. That's the box Amazon shipped my earbuds in.” -u/MisoFalafelCake


There were puns:


“It's just another big box store.” -u/NoahbodyImportant


Now this is what I call, a box office.”-u/EmbarrassedLock


“The architect was thinking outside the box hence the design.” -u/I_Am_A_Fish_


There were references to the gruesome ending of the movie Seven:


“Brad Pitt wants to know what's in the box.”-u/IronmanLTT


There were tragic misunderstandings:


“I’m not storing my valuables in a unit that is an open box that says fragile all over it.”-u/RufusOnslatt


There was praise:


“That is awesome. Some of the best advertising I've seen for a building.” -u/ncientflowers


“This building makes me happy and idk why.”-u/NiaC56


See I would shop there simply because of how much effort they put into being what they are. If they are gonna do that, there’re gonna treat me good.”-u/GaryNOVA


And naturally, there were so, so many references to cats:


“Oh god there's a giant cat in there!”-u/Alarid


“Gonna trap a giant cat.”-u/xelous_llama


“Will someone just photoshop a giant cat into it already?” -u/TimeMachineToaster


And ultimately, the thread gloriously evolved into a series of photoshopped images of cats and the All Storage box office design, ranging from adorable and realistic to completely wild.


Some users pointed out other unique building designs including the Clam Box restaurant’s similar style in Ipswich, Massachusetts and the famous Longaberger Basket Building in Newark, Ohio. Personally, we’re partial to our design, which features fragile stickers and a remarkably accurate depiction of a cardboard box. As of right now, we’ve yet to find any giant cats living at our facilities.


If you’re in the Dallas Fort Worth area, please feel free to stop by an All Storage facility, snap a picture and say hi. In the meantime, we’ll just be over here enjoying our newfound Reddit fame.