Three Ways To Donate or Recycle Clutter From Your Storage Unit

All Storage Online | September 6, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Is your storage unit filled with clutter? If you’re not sure what’s in half of those boxes inside your storage unit, it might be time to organize, declutter and make room for the items you actually want to keep.

Once you bite the bullet and clear out the items that are cluttering up your storage unit, resist the urge to dump every single thing you no longer need into the trash. While some items may end up in the garbage, plenty of your belongings are likely still usable or at least recyclable. Some of the so-called trash from your storage unit might actually be a treasure to someone else, while some other items should be taken to a recycling facility.

Donating or recycling clutter from your storage unit can help the less fortunate, benefit the environment and in some cases even earn you a little money—or at least some good karma. If you’re storing at All Storage and considering giving your storage unit a serious decluttering, here are some great ways to donate or recycle your unwanted stuff.

Goodwill and Salvation Army

When looking for a place to donate unwanted items, big charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army will likely come to mind. These are a great option because they’re readily available in most areas and easy to donate to. Consider Goodwill for all of clothing that is cluttering up your storage unit. Salvation Army is a better resource if you’re looking to donate large items such as furniture. Both major nonprofits accept a wide range of items ranging from housewares to children’s toys, but it’s also smart to inquire about current needs and requirements for donating as well as pick-up availability for large items.

Hard to Recycle Material Centers

If you’re looking to offload a refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning unit or anything else that shouldn’t be left at the curb or tossed in a dumpster, you’re dealing with a hard to recycle item. Depending on where you live, these items may not be accepted by nonprofits and may even be illegal to dispose of in the trash. Here’s what you can do:

Check your local waste management provider and see if pickup is available for special items. This service is often available occasionally. Your next move is to seek out a hard to recycle material center like this one. Lastly, talk to the staff at your All Storage facility about additional options in your area. If an item is not meant to be disposed of in a dumpster, there is definitely a way to safely recycle it, even if you have to do a little digging to find out what that might be.

Local Nonprofits

If the clutter in your storage unit involves something unusual, seasonal or you’ve just got so much of it that you’re not sure where to turn, consider donating to a local nonprofit. Unlike major charities and recycling centers, local nonprofits may have more specific needs that just so happen to match what you’re donating.

If you’re an All Storage tenant in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, it’s easy to find a wealth of local nonprofits that will accept everything from televisions to pianos. As an added bonus, many of these charities are willing to come directly to you to pick up your large furniture items. Donating to independent nonprofits is also a great way to give back to your community by supporting a charity that affects change on a local level.

When donating or recycling items from your storage unit, always check the guidelines of the organization that you are looking to give your belongings to. Many nonprofits have strict rules regarding what they will and will not take, as do recycling centers. When donating to charities, always make sure items are in good condition. When looking to recycle clutter, always be prepared to potentially pay a fee.

Got questions about where to donate or recycle your clutter? Just ask All Storage.