All Storage | August 26, 2016 @ 12:00 AM


  1. Dress appropriately. Dress in light colored clothing, wear hats and sunscreen. You will be to and from your car more than you think, and the summer heat can creep up on you fast.
  2. Stay hydrated. Pack coolers with water, Gatorade and some cool snacks for when you need a break. By the time you are feeling thirsty, you are actually dehydrated and it’s too late.
  3. Keep pets and kids with a sitter. This hot weather affects pets and kids the most, so hire someone to entertain them for the day. Not only will they have more fun, but you will be able to get more done without having to worry about them.
  4. Move early morning or into the evening. This may be tough if you’re on a time table, but, if possible, avoid the peak sun hours of the day, making your move a little more tolerable.
  5. Keep it cool. Even though it might seem more cost efficient to keep the air conditioning off during the move, get it running before the move so you can get some relief when inside the house.
  6. Be mindful of what you pack. Important electronics, food, candles, etc. may not handle the hot weather so well. Transport those items in your air conditioned vehicle.
  7. Turn on fans. Turn on as many fans in the house as possible- it will keep air moving and provide some relief as you are running up and down the stairs.