3 Tips for Using Your Carrollton Neighborhood Storage

All Storage Online | May 31, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Do you know what the 3 phases of self storage are? 

It all starts with the pre-storage research into the different types of storage available, nearby facilities, and what size unit you will need. Next comes the actual purchase of a unit, preparing your stuff for storage, and then moving all of your belongings into your unit. Finally, you have the actual storage period as the final phase. 

There are lots of storage tips and advice for the first two storage phases, but not many people talk about what you should do and look out for once you’re actively storing your stuff. 

Here are 3 best-practice tips for using your neighborhood storage units in Carollton, TX!


1. Pair Your Regular Storage Check-ups with Fun Activities


One of the best things about our self storage in Carrollton, TX is that all of our storage facilities are located in convenient locations close to all the action. 

You will want to regularly visit your storage unit to check up on things, so be sure you don’t drive all the way out to your unit and back without seeing some of the amazing things that Carrollton has to offer. Pair your regular check-ups with a fun activity or event happening in Downtown Carrollton. Stop by your unit on the way to the annual chalk art festival or the weekly events for Saturday on the Square. Not only will you be practicing good storage unit maintenance, but you’ll get to make some great memories along the way. 

2. Don’t Ignore Problems


Some of the best advice we can give you is to not ignore problems, no matter how small they may seem. Small problems have a funny way of turning into really big problems when given enough time. 

Each time you visit your storage unit, check for any signs of insects, mildew, water leaks, or any other potential sources of damage. If you see any indications of a problem, take immediate action. If you notice part of your storage unit is in need of a repair, report it to the on-site staff so they can assist you. 

Remember, It’s always better to be over-cautious than to ignore something and have a bigger mess to deal with later on. 


3. Do Your Part to Keep Things Safe


At All Storage, we do our best to make sure our Carrollton self storage facilities are equipped with cameras, gates, and other safety measures to help keep them secure and safe. You can do your part to help us maintain a secure facility by making sure you close gates and doors behind you, only share your access card or security code with those you trust, and never forget to secure your storage unit door after visiting it. 

You can take additional measures to protect your belongings from the elements by choosing air-tight bins and sturdy boxes for storage. Though rare, there are occasional events and natural disasters outside of our control that also have the potential to damage your belongings. Consider purchasing an insurance policy to cover these types of accidents. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your items so if a meteor suddenly hit the Carrollton storage units tomorrow, your stuff would all be covered.