Top Storage Tips for Aledo, TX

All Storage Online | December 19, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Top Storage Tips for Aledo, TX


In November 2018, All Storage opened a new facility in Aledo, Texas near the Walsh Ranch residential area. If you’re one of the many new residents of this 7,000-acre development which is expected to bring 50,000 residents to Aledo—or you’re already part of the growing community which will likely expand by as much as 168% by 2030—and you need self storage, you’ll be happy to know that there’s really no need to make the half-hour drive to Fort Worth to rent a storage unit. You can do that close to home at a modern, secure and convenient All Storage facility.


Ready to rent? Read our top tips on using self storage in Aledo, and then get packing!


Count On EZ-Drive Thru


You know those summer days in Aledo when the temperature is in the 90’s and the humidity is at, oh, about 1000%? It’s hard to imagine doing anything on those days besides sitting in your air conditioned living room or driving to Burgers Lake for a swim. If you’ve ever had to move or haul your clutter to a storage unit on those hot Texas days, we feel your pain. Fortunately, All Storage’s EZ-Drive Thru storage takes that pain away. This revolutionary feature allows you to drive into the storage facility and park outside of your storage unit, all in an enclosed, climate-controlled space. Whether it’s hot and humid, downpouring or freezing cold, you’ll be comfortable.


Plenty of Options


The All Storage facility in Aledo offers over 1,600 brand new storage units. So how do you choose the one for you? Size is often the biggest concern. How much space do you actually need? To answer that question, take a look at our size guide videos and also take the time to make note of what you’ll be storing. A 5x5 unit is like having an extra closet—great if you’re looking to offload some clutter or store seasonal stuff like winter clothes and holiday decorations.  A 10x10 or even an extra-large 20x10 is more like having an extra room, which works perfectly if you’re storing items during a move or preparing for an estate sale.


Storage for Budding Athletes


There are many reasons why Aledo’s population is growing, but one of the standout features that’s drawing families to the area is the great school system. If you have school-aged kids and are considering a move to Aledo or have recently moved to Aledo, you probably know that Aledo has been singled out for its stellar teachers, high test scores and more. Did you know that it’s also one of the best school districts for student athletes in the country? If your child is a budding athlete, you know how much gear comes along with sports. A storage unit is a great place for storing those items in the off-season. Just be sure to inspect each piece of gear for stains, machine wash uniforms and hand wash anything that can’t go in a washing machine. For a more in-depth look at storing sports equipment in a storage unit, check out our guide.


Great Security


Aledo is a perfect example of a quiet, community-oriented Dallas Fort Worth area suburb. And while yes, the suburbs are often safer than nearby cities, it’s still important to take security seriously when using self storage. All Storage offers 24-hour surveillance, indoor storage, timed access gates and great lighting to keep you and your items safe and secure.


Look for the Big Cardboard Box


It’s easy to find the new All Storage facility in Aledo. Just keep an eye out for the giant cardboard box. This surprisingly realistic cardboard box is a great guidepost for finding the storage facility—and it doesn’t make for a bad Instagram post either.