Top Storage Tips for McKinney, TX

All Storage Online | June 13, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Using self storage in McKinney, Texas can make all facets of your life easier. Whether you’re renting a storage unit during a move, you need somewhere to keep your pool equipment during the winter or you’d just like your home to feel a little less cluttered, a storage unit can help.

Self storage is available at All Storage in a variety of sizes with unique features to meet your needs. Plus, online bill pay and standard month-to-month leases are there to fit into your schedule. With that being said, there are ways to make your storage experience in McKinney even better. Here are a few customized tips for using self storage in McKinney.

Storage When it’s Hot (Or Cold)

You don’t have to be a self storage expert (that’s our job) to know that the weather can affect the contents of your storage unit. If you’ve ever left a bicycle in an outdoor shed for too long or made the mistake or storing a piece of artwork in a damp basement, you already know firsthand the effect that temperature and humidity can have on your belongings. The weather in McKinney can oftentimes be quite hot. Summer days can see temperatures in the 100’s, but humidity levels make the air feel even hotter than that.

Be sure to rent a storage unit with climate control so that your items remain at a safe temperature and humidity level no matter how hot it gets outside. And don’t forget to use climate controlled storage in the winter too. McKinney winters can be surprisingly cold with occasional light snowfall. Cold air can cause some items to crack, but with the right climate controlled storage unit, you don’t need to worry about that.

Storing Antiques

Did you know that McKinney is home to one of the oldest historic districts in the state? If you’re a history buff, you’ll love strolling through this area and maybe even taking home a piece of history yourself in the form of an item from an antique shop. And if you ever need to store that antique, be sure to do so with care.

There are a few things to keep in mind when storing antiques in your McKinney storage unit. First, there’s the obvious one: climate control. Antique leather, wood and lace—and all other antique materials—can be very sensitive. Secondly, be sure to rent a storage unit that you can drive right up to to avoid causing any damage when you’re loading and unloading antiques. Lastly, you may not want to disassemble any antique furniture before storage as you would with modern furniture. This may place unnecessary wear on the item and may result in accidentally losing an important and irreplaceable component.

Storage for Work

McKinney is more than just a bedroom community. It’s a self-sustaining community where people live and work. Whether you’re gainfully employed in the McKinney area or you’re making the trek to an office somewhere else in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, self storage can be a great commercial storage option for small business owners, sales representatives and other professionals. A climate controlled storage unit is an excellent place to keep your inventory, plus the security that a storage facility can offer is vastly superior than that found at an office park. You know what they say: a clutter free workspace creates a clutter free mind (okay, no one really says that, but it’s still true). Keep your business clutter free by renting a commercial storage unit from All Storage McKinney.

Storage for Play

Life in McKinney isn’t all work and no play and your self storage experience shouldn’t be either. Do you love to golf or play tennis at a master-planned community in McKinney? Do you live for summer days at the lake with your kayak, inner tube or stand up paddle board? Have the many wineries in the area inspired you to start a wine collection? Whatever your hobbies may be, a storage unit can help you enjoy them without feeling overwhelmed by the clutter that they may create. Talk to a representative at All Storage about your storage needs and they’ll help you choose the perfect unit for whatever it is you want to put inside.