Top Storage Tips for Mesquite, TX

All Storage Online | November 13, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Looking for storage in Mesquite? You’re bound to find the perfect unit at All Storage. Whether you’re using self storage to help with a move, to unload your rodeo gear during the off-season, to help with inventory from a small business or for something else entirely, having that extra space can make a big difference in your life.

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before or you’ve never rented one in Mesquite, it’s important to know a few things about the way the area might affect your self storage experience. From the weather to local trends, you’d be surprised by how much the place where you’re renting a storage unit affects the things inside that unit.

Here are our top tips for storing in Mesquite:

Consider the Humidity

If there was a list of rules to storing in Mesquite, recognizing the effect of humidity would be at the top. The area experiences hot, humid summers and mild to surprisingly cool winters. In other words, moisture in the air is a factor year-round. Why is it such a big deal in the self storage world? We’re glad you asked. When moisture enters a closed space—such as a storage unit—mold, mildew and rust can grow.

The solution? A climate controlled storage unit at All Storage. No matter how toasty it gets outside and no matter how soup-like the air may feel in July, your items will be at a safe temperature and humidity level inside your storage unit.

Storage for Cowboys

Mesquite is the Rodeo Capital of Texas, so you know we’ve gotta talk about self storage for all of you cowboys out there. Whether you’re a professional bull rider or just someone who enjoys a good pair of cowboy boots (Don’t we all?), it’s important to store these precious—and oftentimes expensive—items correctly.

Always clean cowboy boots before storing them by wiping them with a dampened cloth, conditioning them with leather conditioner and brushing them with a horsehair brush. You can also use boot cream if you like. Give boots time to dry and then store them upright with a cedar boot tree insert to help preserve their shape.

Art Storage

If you’re an art lover in Mesquite, you’re probably enjoying the wealth of cultural opportunities found at the Mesquite Arts Center and Art Around Town. For budding artists and art collectors alike, self storage is a great place to store pieces. Let’s say you recently attended a paint and wine night at Mesquite’s own Painting with a Twist. Perhaps that masterpiece isn’t something you want to display on your wall at home, but you don’t really want to throw it away either. Keep it in a storage unit! Just make sure that unit has climate control and that the painting is covered and stored upright and you’re good to go.

EZ Drive-Thru

No matter where you live, convenience is an important part of the self storage experience. We’re big fans of self storage, but we totally understand if you don’t want to spend your entire day at a facility loading and unloading stuff. That’s why All Storage offers EZ Drive-Thru storage to simplify the process.

You can drive up to the facility with your items in your car and then actually park your car directly outside of your storage unit while remaining under the facility’s roof. This provides great protection for you from the hot Texas sun and crazy thunderstorms. It also provides an extra level of security for your belongings.