Top Storage Tips for Plano, TX

All Storage Online | July 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Whether you’re moving to Plano or you’ve been in town for awhile, you could probably use a little extra space. That’s where self storage comes in. All Storage’s Plano facility is located right in town, so there’s no reason to drive 20 miles to Dallas in order to rent a storage unit. Plano is no longer just a bedroom community in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex; it’s a city with its own wealth of opportunities including a robust job market, excellent school system and necessary amenities like great barbecue joints and of course, self storage.

Before you click that “reserve this space” button, here are a few things to know about using self storage in Plano.

Climate Control is a Must

On those hot summer days in Plano when it’s 95 degrees and 9,000% humidity, it’s tempting to imagine what the world would be like if everything was air-conditioned. Your hair would be less frizzy. Your ice cream wouldn’t melt so fast. Your car door handle wouldn’t burn your hand. Unfortunately, 24-7 air conditioning can’t exist everywhere in Plano in the summer, but it can exist in your storage unit.

All Storage offers EZ drive-in access, which allows you to actually drive right into the storage facility and park in front of your unit. The entire storage facility is protected from that hot Texas sun, and as a result, so are you while  unloading items into your storage unit. No sunscreen required.

As far as your stuff goes, it’ll be safe and sound in a climate controlled storage unit. This basically means that the temperature and humidity will be at a safe level, which is important if you’re storing electronics, sports equipment, antiques or just about anything else that is sensitive to extreme heat and humidity.

Safety, Even in a Safe City

Did you know that Plano is one of the safest cities in the country? Violent crime and property crime are both extremely low. And while one might say that it’s the kind of place where you can leave your door unlocked, we definitely don’t recommend doing that with your storage unit. Always properly lock your storage unit after closing it, and be sure to use a secure lock, such as a disc lock. If you have any questions about locks or how to properly close your unit (happens to the best of us), just ask.

Thanks to the fact that your storage unit is inside an enclosed building with surveillance cameras, your items will be extra safe. The All Storage staff is diligent about monitoring the property, but should you see something suspicious, be sure to let someone know.

Storage for Business

When you’re storing for work, you need storage that works. Plano has one of the most promising job markets in the country, so it’s no surprise that the city attracts a lot of of professionals who live and work right in Plano. The city gets a lot of press for being home to six Fortune 500 companies, but it’s also home to a diverse array of other industries. Wherever you land a job, if you’re maintaining an inventory, hanging onto a ton of paperwork or maintaining displays for trade shows is a part of it, self storage can be a real help. A climate controlled storage unit can keep your items safe and your office clutter-free.

Just Look for the Box

All Storage Plano is more than just a self storage destination; it’s the site of one of the coolest architectural designs in town. The newly opened Plano facility features a giant cardboard box right outside of the All Storage facility office. The box is shockingly realistic looking—so much so that you might just want to snap a selfie with it. It’s also a handy landmark if you’re the kind of person who is forever lost. The next time you’re looking for the place where you storage unit is, just look for the giant cardboard box and you’ll know that you’re in the right place.