All Storage | November 19, 2015 @ 12:00 AM



So you planned your Black Friday shopping trip down to the minute? From camping out in front of Best Buy, to waiting in the crowd at WalMart on Thursday afternoon, you have managed to score every bargain, discount, and buy one get one free deal that the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex has to offer!

Now the question becomes, how do I hide these items from my children, or even my significant other? Kids are experts at locating hidden stashes of gifts, no matter how clever we think we are when we hide them. Even wrapped gifts aren’t safe – plenty of kids are experts at the unwrap and rewrap the present game. Parents of large families might struggle to even find a private place to wrap without interruptions – it’s like kids can sense when a present is in the next room.

A storage unit can solve all these problems and more! On Saturday, November 29th, American Express is celebrating Small Business Saturday. Go to www.americanexpress.com/shopsmall to find and support local small businesses, including local self storage providers.

How will a self storage unit help to improve my Holiday Season?

A small storage unit is a great place to hide your Black Friday loot from snooping kids or partners

A mid-size storage unit can be used to wrap presents away from prying eyes.

For large gatherings at Thanksgiving or Christmas, a storage unit is great for excess furniture or clearing out closets to make room for guests.

Rent a parking spot or even a fully enclosed unit to hide that new car until the big day