Winter Self Storage Tips

All Storage Online | November 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Winter Self Storage Tips

The weather outside may be frightful, but if you follow our winter storage tips, the items in your storage unit will stay delightful. Whether you’re a college student using self storage over winter break, a military member storing items during a deployment or a parent looking for a place to stash Christmas presents away from curious children, All Storage has the right solution for you.

Storage facilities are quick to give you tips about renting a storage unit during hot, humid summer months—especially if you live in a sweltering region like the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex—but what about the winter season? Even in places with mild winters like Texas and Oklahoma, below freezing weather and occasional flurries can surprise you and make moving and storing a challenge.

This year, be prepared with these winter storage tips:

Use EZ Drive Thru Storage

One of the coolest features at All Storage is EZ Drive-Thru storage. No other storage facility offers this level of protection from the elements for both you and your stuff. Rent a storage unit at All Storage and you can actually drive into the fully covered facility. During the winter months, this is a total game-changer. You won’t have to freeze your butt off while loading or unloading items into your storage unit. And as for those rare snowy days? Because your storage unit is inside a building that you can drive into, ice and snow are a total non-issue.

Get Climate Control

Extreme temperatures and high humidity are the enemy of self storage. With that being said, think of climate control as a sort of kryptonite for adverse weather. In the winter, cold weather can be detrimental to electronics, antiques, artwork, wine and a ton of other items in self storage. Climate control prevents items from cracking, freezing or drying out during the winter months.

Be Careful Moving in Snow

We’ve already talked about how EZ Drive-Thru storage makes it easy to use self storage on cold, snowy or rainy winter days. Unfortunately, the entire world is not under the roof of an All Storage facility, so you may encounter freezing weather, ice and snow during a move. Take the following special precautions when moving during the winter:

  • Dress warmly, including wool socks, a warm hat and gloves
  • Wear shoes with good traction and be aware of icy driveways (salt and sand if necessary)
  • Drive slowly in adverse weather, especially if you are dealing with unexpected snowfall in a region where drivers are not used to wintry conditions

Make a List of Seasonal Items to Store

During the winter months, people tend to spend more time inside. There’s something so cozy about curling up by a fire with some hot chocolate and a marathon of Christmas movies. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors and you’re going to have family visiting for the holidays, winter is a great time to reduce clutter by storing those summer items in a storage unit.

Make a list of stuff that you will definitely not be using until spring and summer roll around, and store it in a storage unit. This might include pool toys, summer clothing, seasonal sports equipment, camping gear and more.

Don’t Forget About the Holidays

Moving and storing during the winter months means moving and storing during the holiday season. As such, it’s wise to consider how holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more might affect your plans. If you need to rent a moving truck, buy moving supplies or visit your storage unit, double check holiday business hours first.

With these winter storage tips, you should be all set to store from sweater season until summer returns.