Unit Size Disclaimers

*Actual unit sizes may vary from approximate size estimates. Please inspect any unit before renting. Online pricing available only for online reservations and rentals. Unit sizes advertised for rental do not reference net or usable space and are given for illustration purposes. Units are not rented on a price per square foot basis and all pricing is unit-specific for each particular unit. Not sure about the size you need? Don't worry, online pricing discount will be honored for any rental originating from an online reservation.

Unit Pricing Disclaimers

*Subject to change. Offered only on selected units. Subject to availability. This offer applies only to the rental fee. Other restrictions, taxes, and fees, including an administrative fee, apply. See contract for full details. Promotions good for new customers only. Not available on transfers or additional spaces. Pricing subject to change. Reservation required to guarantee price. Offer has no cash value. Features may vary by location. Just mention this promotion at a participating All Storage location while leasing to see if this promo applies to your unit and to get the special offer.

Payments and Notices

Credit cards are the Lessor's preferred method of receiving payment. LESSOR WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS AT DESIGNATED SITES.  At sites currently accepting cash payments we reserve the right to refuse cash payments in the future with at least 30 days’ notice.If credit card information is provided by Tenant to Lessor, Tenant authorizes Lessor to charge Tenant’s credit card on or near the Monthly Due Date for Monthly Rental Charges, taxes, insurance and other fees as applicable unless otherwise directed by Tenant.  It shall be Tenant’s sole responsibility to provide Lessor accurate, and current credit card information. Tenant acknowledges that if Tenant chooses to pay monthly rent via credit card, that Tenant’s failure to provide accurate and current credit card information may result in non-payment of Monthly Rental Charges and other accrued charges, allowing Lessor to sell Tenants personal property pursuant to Section 20 below.  Tenant further acknowledges that it is Tenant’s responsibility to verify that payments are being made and by what methods they are being made. Payment at move in can only be made by Credit Card which will b ae kept on file, if you choose to make a payment for any months not by credit card we accept these modes of payment: personal check, company check, money order, credit card, certified check or ACH (Automatic Clearing House).  Personal checks and Company checks will be converted to an ACH transaction. Lessor reserves the right to change the required or permitted method of payment at any time upon notice to the Tenant. Lessor reserves the right to use a credit card payment processor updater service to help keep payment information current upon card expiration. All payments and notices to Lessor will be delivered or mailed to the Lessor’s address set forth above. All notices provided by Lessor to Tenant will be delivered to Tenant’s mailing address provided above unless Tenant provides Lessor with Tenant’s email address in which case TENANT AGREES THAT THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED ABOVE MAY BE USED TO SEND ANY NOTICES TO TENANT. The first thirty (30) days are non-refundable. NO MONTHLY BILLING OR INVOICING, NO PARTIAL MONTH REFUNDS.