When you are looking to store valuable documents and other elements of your business, looking for a storage facility that not only provides the proper security but also provides the proper additional amenities to protect those items are of paramount concern. We understand that when you store your business’s valuable assets in a storage unit, you are quite literally placing your livelihood in our hands. That’s why at All Storage, we take extra precaution to make sure that your valuable storables are protected from both intruders, but also some unforeseen dangers.

All Storage, All-Around Protection

A self-storage unit may be the answer for those who would like to remove document clutter from their workplace or home, but who also want greater personal control at a lower price. Self-storage facilities allow you to remove documents from your business or household and store them at a secure location, and storage facilities come in many forms.

Anyone who needs to store documents, whether a business or an individual, should take special care in where and how they save this data. Documents require special care when they are placed into storage. Fire safety is imperative, but special precautions should also be taken to avoid even small amounts of moisture as this also can destroy documents. A little humidity may be enough to cause documents to mildew when they are not stored properly. In addition, documents worthy of the expense involved in placing them into storage may be important enough to require strong security measures.

What To Look for When Choosing Your Business Storage Solutions

Those planning to store documents should look for more than just a room that protects goods from wind and weather.

  • Look for a self-storage unit that also has a one-stop shop with all of the supplies that you will need. Having an office to purchase boxes, locks, tape, bubble wrap and wrapping paper can relieve some of the heaviest of burdens when storing your business.
  • Look for a self-storage unit with adequate security. Consider features like lighting, cameras, fencing, and onsite management.
  • Find a facility that offers climate control features like temperature and humidity control. 
  • Consider pest control. Ask the facility how they deal with this potential problem and look around the facility to see if it is clear of weeds, foundational cracks and other signs of trouble.
  • Be sure you can access the unit whenever you might need to review your stored documents.
  • Look for self-storage facilities that specialize in document storage.
  • Look for a company that offers answers to the various storage dilemmas and questions that you might have. Your company may need a corporate account. Look for a business like All Storage that provides corporate storage accounts.