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Climate Control Storage


Climate-Controlled Storage 

Climate Controlled Storage keeps your items in a temperature-regulated room. Unlike someone’s garage or a non-climate storage facility, we keep our climate-controlled rooms temperature-regulated, between 55 and 88 degrees. In the winter it doesn’t go below 55 and in the summer it doesn’t go above 88. When the temperature outside soars, or drops below freezing, storage units without climate control will do the same. This can lead to the damage of goods over time. 

In the Dallas Fort Worth metropex, the summer heat is the biggest reason to go with a climate controlled unit.

Climate-controlled units also keep the moisture levels in units at an acceptable level at all times. This is especially important in areas that experience high humidity or areas close to water. By keeping the humidity level down, a climate-controlled environment helps to protect your stored items from moisture damage and mold growth.

What Items Need To Be In Climate-Controlled Units?

If you’re considering storing your valuables, we recommend items like electronics, photographs, artwork and antiques be stored in a climate-controlled storage room. These types of items are most prone to being damaged by weather conditions like heat and humidity so it’s worth the time to consider protecting them with climate-control.  Extreme swings in temperature can cause wood to warp or photographs to become damaged. Those looking to store furniture, musical instruments or other wooden items are best off looking into climate-controlled options. 


Does the Time of Year Make a Difference?

Location and season also play big parts in deciding where to store items. If it’s during one of the colder months of the year and there isn’t a chance of heat being a huge factor, non-climate is the perfect option. But during the summer months, it is extremely important to protect items from being damaged by the heat for long periods of time. In different parts of the country, one option may be more suited than the other depending on which locations experience harsher climates.

When you do decide a storage plan, the weather still has a chance to put a damper on your moving day. A unique feature AllStorage offers to combat the unpredictability of weather is their EZ Drive Thru acces. When you pull into an AllStorage facility, your vehicle is completely covered, preventing rain and heat from ruining your valuables.