When it comes to safely storing your belongings, nothing beats a climate-controlled storage unit in Texas. At All Storage, we treat your items like our own. Our temperature-regulated self-storage units provide the ideal climate to store your stuff. With a constant temperature that stays between 55 to 88 degrees, you can be assured that your items will be protected. In the winter, we watch the temperature closely and never let our facility drop below 55 degrees. During those scorching hot Texas summers, it never goes above 88 degrees in our facility. Self-storage units in Texas without climate control are risky and, over time, your belongings could be damaged. Not at All Storage.

Our climate-controlled units don’t just keep the temperature constant, but the humidity level, too—which ensures your possessions will be safe and secure at all times. When the humidity is high or in areas close to the water, if your storage unit isn’t climate-controlled, your belongings could get ruined without you even realizing it. Keeping the humidity at a constant level discourages mold and other moisture-related damage from happening.

What Items Need to be in Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Texas?

Not all your belongings require a climate-controlled unit. But for valuables such as antiques, photographs, furniture, mementos, musical instruments, artwork, and electronics, a climate-controlled storage unit in Texas is just a smart idea. These items are more likely to be damaged by the elements: sun, water, heat, humidity, etc. Drastic temperature changes can warp wood and destroy photographs. Don’t risk your valuables. Store them properly in one of our clean, climate-controlled storage units.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that can include the weather. When you’re developing your storage plan, you will want to take the weather into consideration. One of All Storage’s unique advantages is the EZ Drive Thru access. No matter what Mother Nature dishes out on moving day, you’ll be protected from the elements. Your vehicle and belongings will be covered when you pull into our All Storage facility, keeping rain and heat from ruining your day and your belongings.

The Final Word on Self Storage Units in Texas

You have a lot of options when it comes to self-storage units in Texas but none that offer the best climate-controlled options for the money. Our climate-controlled units will keep your belongings in pristine condition. You won’t have to wonder if your precious mementos are being ruined by record high temperatures or wet conditions. All Storage is the answer to your storage conundrum.