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All Storage - Arlington South

715 W Harris Rd, Arlington, TX 76001

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Storage Customer Reviews

Website Reviews

Stacy Rayon

1 year ago
I've stored here for 8 years and I have been satisfied. I have since moved from the city but I continue to store here for the value. I only wish online payment was available for this location because I sometimes forget to call in.

Jessica L.

3 years ago
I've stored here for about 6 months now and I've been very impressed. My stuff is secure and the climate control building has a drive thru so I can load and unload out of the heat.

Kyra Banzet Vega

1 year ago
Fair pricess

Michael Williams

1 year ago

Morris Koeneke

11 months ago
Rental rates higher than I like, but that's true of all the nicer storage facilities. I understand keypad access for entry, but not so much for exit, and the keypads aren't very convenient. That said, I've gotten to know the staff and owners, and like doing business with them more than their competitors.

Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo

11 months ago
Nice facility. Clean and neat.

Nathan King

1 year ago

Benjamin avalis

1 year ago

Darrell Nalley

1 year ago
Great location but expensive

Francisco Hinojosa

5 years ago

Morris Koeneke

1 year ago
Rental rates higher than I like, but that's true of all the nicer storage facilities. I understand keypad access for entry, but not so much for exit, and the keypads aren't very convenient. That said, I've gotten to know the staff and owners, and like doing business with them more than their competitors.

Kenneth Hargis

4 months ago
Friendly staff little awkward with no where to dump trash...

Shelbee Russell

3 years ago
It was cheaper than others around for climate controlled unit. However DO NOT rent on the second floor as the elevator is always out of order! And they just say "oh sorry" and "oh yeah I was supposed to call the repair guy". If you rent on the first floor you should be fine. However I was promised one on first floor and mine was rented out from underneath me because the employee was imcompetent.
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Storage in Arlington, TX

Self Storage in Arlington, TX: All Storage in Arlington South

Are you ready to declutter and get your garage back? All Storage in Arlington South, Texas offers a great variety of storage units to help you organize your belongings. We offer five different sizes from small to medium with great prices and great terms. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term storage, All Storage has something for you. Check out our options online or come and visit us today to secure your storage unit.

Top Notch Facility

Our facilities, no matter the location, are designed to make sure that your possessions are kept in good condition, safe, and accessible to you whenever you may need them. We offer perks such as:

  • Climate controlled storage which makes sure that your belongings are in a unit with temperatures ranging between 55 and 88 degrees
  • Regular storage with sizes ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x10’
  • Access to your storage unit 7 days a week
  • A secure premise with camera surveillance 24 hours a day
  • Electronic gates to keep your possessions safe
  • Drive-up access to your storage unit
  • Clean and well-lit facility

High-Quality Service

All Storage has been in the storage business since 1998, and we’ve learned a thing or two from our clients. This is why we also offer the following services:

  • Boxes and moving supplies, such as bubble wrap and tape, to help you get your things ready for the big move
  • Receive and deliver packages
  • Tips and advice when choosing a storage unit and how to store things
  • A helpful and friendly team available to answer any questions onsite, via phone, or email Monday through Saturday

Location, Location, Location

Our All Storage facility in Arlington South can easily be found on Harris St. We know that your time and belongings are precious so we try to make sure that you can reach us easily, and get in and out so you can take care of other important matters. Just take the I-20 or US-287 and you’ll find us. If you do happen to get lost, just click on the get directions link and we will send you our facility hours and directions either via text or email.

Reserve Your Storage Unit Today

All Storage in Arlington South can offer the best deals and storage options in Tarrant County. Visit our premises to see for yourself or give us a call at (817) 402 2544 to speak to our friendly staff. Don’t forget to ask for any deals and specials to get the best value for your time and money. Trust All Storage, you won’t be disappointed!




Nothing is worse than having a storage unit full of cardboard boxes full of your valuable items and realizing that you didn't label the boxes. Now you have no idea where anything is and you're digging through each box to find whatever it is you're looking for. Avoid this entirely by labeling all your cardboard boxes.

2. Create an aisle

Creating a walkway down the center of your storage unit can be especially handy when you are trying to make your way throughout the unit. Need something in the back? Just head right down the middle of the unit in your own red carpet walkway.

3. Heavier Items on Bottom

Make sure that when you are moving boxes from your truck into the storage unit that you move the heavier items in first. These heavier boxes filled with books or other sturdier, heavier items establish a solid base for you to place other lighter boxes without damaging your items.

 4. Stick to Two Types of Boxes

Sticking to only two types of packing boxes allows you to create a sturdy base for your packing unit when you inevitably start stacking boxes. Make sure that the larger boxes contain heavier items to avoid crushing other boxes.

5. Wrap Your Breakables

Mirrors, glasses, bowls, plates, all breakable or fragile items should be wrapped in either bubble wrap or packing paper. This will help to prevent your valuables from breaking in either the truck on the way to the storage unit, or while moving things around within the storage unit.

6. Packing Refrigerators and Freezers

When you store your refrigerator or freezer in your storage unit, make sure that you defrost the appliance before storing it in the unit to make sure that your freezer or fridge doesn't leak throughout the unit.

7. Pallet the Ground of Your Unit

Laying wooden pallets on the bottom of your unit helps to keep your items off the ground. This precautionary step will make sure that if any water gets into your unit, it can't get any of your items wet.

8. Prevent Damage to Books

When packing books, use multiple smaller boxes rather than fewer bigger boxes to reduce book damage and make the boxes easier to carry. Lay books flat as to not damage the spine of the hardcover books in the box. 

9. Wrap with Towels

Instead of using plastic to wrap your items, which can cause damage to certain stored items, wrap your items in old sheets or towels.

10. Utilize Empty Space

When you pack furniture like armoires, wardrobes, or dressers in your unit, fill the empty spaces of these furniture pieces with clothes or other boxes to save space.