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All Storage - Basswood

5624 Basswood Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76137

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  • MON - FRI9am - 6pm
  • SAT9am - 5pm
  • SUNClosed
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  • Daily7am - 9pm
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Storage Customer Reviews

Website Reviews


1 year ago
Wonderful place, safe, easy to access, and friendly helpful staff.

Mark Allbritten

1 year ago
Allowed me to prepay 6 months ahead BEFORE the price hike!! MUCH appreciated! They really think about the customer!


2 years ago
Everything went very well. James and staff were understanding during our move.

2 years ago
I am relocating and checked with several storage places in the area. I spoke with Lori last week on the phone and she was able to answer every question I had. She has been a great asset to making my transition to this area smooth. It is nice to see the quality customer service first hand.


3 years ago
Great service. Very satisfied with All Storage Basswood.


3 years ago
Leticia was very nice and helpful.


3 years ago
Great location, great customer service, cameras provide great peace of mind.


3 years ago
Everything worked out well. Staff was awesome.


3 years ago
No problems with service. People I dealt with were professional and friendly.


3 years ago
Michael does a great job!


3 years ago
We have used two storage units and had wonderful service here. Best people ever!


4 years ago
Thank you for your great service, helpful reminders and well kept storage facilities.

k horn

4 years ago
Mike was very courtiess when I worked with him, and helpful in determining my needs. I would highly recommend all storage on basswood to anyone. Thank you, K Horn


4 years ago
I have been a client of the Basswood location for a number of years. Throughout I have received five-star assistance. Becky and the entire team at Basswood provide excellent service. I highly recommend them!

5 years ago
Great Customer service. Will use them again in the future

C and J Hammack

4 years ago
We had a storage unit here for several years. Maintanence was good, the units were clean, the employees professional.


5 years ago
I rate you as very good! I have been in storage for 5 year,and now a DM. I'm hard to please when moving to El Paso i looked around for a week & you won! It's funny I first look at the front for trash,cigarettes butts,office and this is funny but the dumpster I have seen more trash around the outside them inside that tells me lazy and they don't care so i walk out! so you made got me to look at a unit. Outside of door good, no stuff hang as I open door,easy down and down, steel metal walls yeah no dust or dirk buildup on walls no webs hanging from Cellini, back of door is clean.... Floor and hallway is good !!! That's why I stored my stuff here clean!!! And Wade closed the deal....Tell Sandra and Susan I said hi.....
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Gideon Traweek

3 years ago
Great facility, clean and safe! Will definitely use agian

Mark Britten

1 year ago
Great customer service. Always pleasant to deal with. Allowed me to prepay BEFORE the price hike so that I could save $.

M Speake

2 years ago
Lori is awesome! She answered all my questions and then gave me some tips on how to load up my locker. She is always smiling, pleasant, and seems to really care about this property.

Larry Praylow

1 year ago
The good customer service

Ahmed Hussien

2 years ago
The property is safe and clean, the staff (Lori in particular) are helpful and friendly, and the prices are competitive. What more could you ask for?

Christine Cadena

4 years ago
Awesome experience with the folks at the Basswood location! Mike, especially, is always on top of things! I've used this facility for several years and actually was a customer that came back after such a great experience with my first storage rental years before that. Highly recommend!!!!

Jennifer York

1 year ago
The employees were so friendly and helpful. Made the experience less stressful. Thanks ladies!

Tina Parr

1 year ago
Very. Nice employees

Michael Millsap

1 year ago
Lori was a great help answering all my questions and explaining all the details of renting a unit, payment, security and hours of access.

Deeann Schmitz

1 year ago
Marquez and lori were excellent in helping and in customer service as well as making you feel welcomed.

edrick ramos

10 months ago
Great service from the get go. Lori was helpful in providing information on alternatives to help me make a better decision on the ideal unit for my belongings. Very satisfied.

Rachel Loar

10 months ago
Lori was super helpful and made it very easy to get a storage room.

Brad Hallett

9 months ago
Staff is very helpful and courteous. Amenities are great, and the location is fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

Brent Dettmann

8 months ago
Reasonable rates and friendly staff.

Rose Holt

8 months ago
Excellent facility and the customer service is amazing! I am so impressed with the courtesy and level of professionalism shown to me by their Mgr, who personally assisted me, found me every possible discount and stayed past closing time just to help me pick the right unit. Be sure to ask for Lori! She's awesome!

George Luna

8 months ago
Great place to get a unit. They are conveniently located easy access and great rates.

Benjamin Edwards

8 months ago
Excellent experience. Close to our home in Park Glen. Easy, quick paperwork and always clean and safe. Would use again.

heather leach

7 months ago
Customer service was amazing. Fast and easy.

Star Bucks

5 months ago
Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Made getting a unit effortless. Would recommend this site to anyone needing storage services.

Ibarra J

5 months ago
Excellent staff and customer service! I store my camper in this facility and I feel very secure. Apparently, they regularly check the area to make sure everything is okay. One time, they thought something was wrong and they called me just to make sure. I verified that their was nothing wrong, but really appreciated the concern. I'm now renting my second space there!

Steve Reyes

3 months ago
The staff is really great especially Lori, she is so kind.

Amber Dennis

1 month ago
Lori, has EXCELLENT customer service. She was kind, very friendly and informative. I recommend this facility over any you're thinking about. They have reasonable prices on units and it's kept very clean!


1 month ago
Becky was super nice and professional. Great customer service.

Patrece Fortune

3 months ago
The people whom run this storage facility are really nice. They will work with you when possible. I definitely recomend using them for your storage needs.

brian arshad

1 week ago
Lori was very helpful the process was quick and they had great prices and customer service property is clean and secure would recommend to friend great staff

Sara Sydavong

3 months ago
First time using a storage unit and made a good decision coming here

Tina Falge

10 months ago
We got our trailer stolen, and they have about 34 cameras, and a person is living in the all storage building. We have not heard from this All storage company regards to our trailer stolen!
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Storage Facility Amenities15 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Carts & Dollies
  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
  • Elevator
  • Fire Detectors
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Gated Entry
  • More Cubic Square Feet
  • On-site Management
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Online Rental
  • Rental by Phone
  • Tenant Insurance

Storage in Fort Worth, TX

Basswood Boulevard Storage Units in Fort Worth, TX

Whether it’s priceless family heirlooms or critical items for a business, people have all sorts of reasons to store items. However, it can sometimes be hard finding a good place to securely store them. There are many storage units to choose from in Fort Worth, TX, but All Storage Basswood is an ideal choice for self-storage due to its convenient location and advanced storage features.

A Vibrant Community

Fort Worth, TX was founded in 1849 and has become a fun place for people to both visit and live over the years. Many key attractions in the city “Where the West Begins” embody its Western heritage such as the traditional architecture of its historic buildings, while others such as the Kimbell Art Museum and the Fort Worth Zoo bring modern culture and diversity to the metropolis.

More than just sightseeing, Fort Worth is a great community to call home. The city is growing at a fast rate and is now ranked the fifth largest city in Texas and the seventeenth largest in the country. It’s easy to see once you’re here why so many people love the city, as there are many welcoming neighborhoods throughout the city and adjacent areas.

Meeting the Needs of Homes and Businesses

Whether you are just in Fort Worth as a visitor or live and work in the city, All Storage has storage facilities situated in key locations throughout Fort Worth. We have seven in Fort Worth alone, and our site at Basswood Boulevard is perfect for businesses and families in the neighborhood.

All Storage Basswood is very close to Denton Highway 377’s NE Loop 820 and Interstate 35W, placing it in a convenient location for people in the Park Vista Subdivision. It is also right next door to Harvest Church and other prominent landmarks in the local community. Businesses and residents alike will find that our facility is the best place to store their items in the area.

Reliable Features and Services

Location isn’t the only thing that matters with storage complexes, as it is also important to find a storage facility with adequate tools in place for high-quality protection. All Storage Basswood has many helpful services implemented at the facility, including:

  • Tenant insurance
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Month-to-month rentals
  • Drive-up access
  • Dollies and carts you can use for free

In addition, All Storage has a positive reputation, not only in Fort Worth but across the state and country, making us a trustworthy and competent company to look after your possessions.

Security Guaranteed

We at All Storage know that you want only the best for your belongings, and we follow through with that dedication at all of our facilities. All Storage Basswood provides professional self-storage services for businesses and homes in the Fort Worth, Texas area and is but one of the many excellent storage units we have in the city.

Contact us today at our Basswood Boulevard address for storage options. Click here for more information.



Nothing is worse than having a storage unit full of cardboard boxes full of your valuable items and realizing that you didn't label the boxes. Now you have no idea where anything is and you're digging through each box to find whatever it is you're looking for. Avoid this entirely by labeling all your cardboard boxes.

2. Create an aisle

Creating a walkway down the center of your storage unit can be especially handy when you are trying to make your way throughout the unit. Need something in the back? Just head right down the middle of the unit in your own red carpet walkway.

3. Heavier Items on Bottom

Make sure that when you are moving boxes from your truck into the storage unit that you move the heavier items in first. These heavier boxes filled with books or other sturdier, heavier items establish a solid base for you to place other lighter boxes without damaging your items.

 4. Stick to Two Types of Boxes

Sticking to only two types of packing boxes allows you to create a sturdy base for your packing unit when you inevitably start stacking boxes. Make sure that the larger boxes contain heavier items to avoid crushing other boxes.

5. Wrap Your Breakables

Mirrors, glasses, bowls, plates, all breakable or fragile items should be wrapped in either bubble wrap or packing paper. This will help to prevent your valuables from breaking in either the truck on the way to the storage unit, or while moving things around within the storage unit.

6. Packing Refrigerators and Freezers

When you store your refrigerator or freezer in your storage unit, make sure that you defrost the appliance before storing it in the unit to make sure that your freezer or fridge doesn't leak throughout the unit.

7. Pallet the Ground of Your Unit

Laying wooden pallets on the bottom of your unit helps to keep your items off the ground. This precautionary step will make sure that if any water gets into your unit, it can't get any of your items wet.

8. Prevent Damage to Books

When packing books, use multiple smaller boxes rather than fewer bigger boxes to reduce book damage and make the boxes easier to carry. Lay books flat as to not damage the spine of the hardcover books in the box. 

9. Wrap with Towels

Instead of using plastic to wrap your items, which can cause damage to certain stored items, wrap your items in old sheets or towels.

10. Utilize Empty Space

When you pack furniture like armoires, wardrobes, or dressers in your unit, fill the empty spaces of these furniture pieces with clothes or other boxes to save space.