Personal Storage Tips

When your belongings start to pile up, a self-storage unit is a great way to organize your home. But there is more to successful self-storage than just filing it up with boxes and junk. A well-organized storage unit is a thing of beauty. Here are some tips to help you store your belongings with total confidence!

Choose the Right Storage Container

Picking the best type of container for your belongings is essential for a successful self-storage experience. Cardboard boxes are great to use to store your items because they are plentiful and inexpensive. Plastic storage totes with locking lids are also great but they can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of them. 

Use the plastic totes for items that are susceptible to heat, cold, moisture, and pests. Books, family heirlooms, photographs, important records, and clothing are just a few things that are good candidates for plastic totes. Totes are great for things that need an extra level of protection.

Keep Your Stuff Off the Floor

This advice is especially pertinent if you’re using cardboard boxes in your unit. Pick up some shipping pallets to stack boxes and totes on. It will allow for plenty of ventilation and will keep your boxes dryer. If water gets into your unit, it will saturate the box and ruin everything inside of it. Moisture encourages mold, bacteria, and bugs and unless you visit your self-storage unit regularly, you won’t know your belongings are wet until it’s too late.

Protect Your Stuff From Dirt

A little dirt probably won’t hurt most of the items you have in storage and if it can store those things in plastic totes. Be sure to cover up anything with fabric on it (couches, chairs, mattresses, etc…) with plastic covers. Zip up mattress covers is also a great idea. Vacuum seal bags are great for storing blankets and pillows. Put a couple of dryer sheets in with the linens before you seal the bag to discourage pests and keep your linens smelling fresh.

Take Extra Care When you Pack

You might think that stuff sitting in a self-storage unit couldn’t possibly get broken, but you’d be surprised. Pack your belongings with extra care to keep them safe and secure. Pack dishes with bubble wrap to keep them from getting broken. Fill in extra space with newspaper. It keeps items safe and secure in the box. 

Be sure to label each box so you can find what you’re looking for easily. This way you won’t have to shuffle boxes and totes around trying to find something and run the risk of breaking something fragile. 

Utilize our tips and tricks to have a great self-storage experience and keep your items looking like new. Using a self-storage facility is a great way to keep your home or office organized and we have the right unit to fit all your needs. Contact us today and let us store your extra stuff!