Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Storage

When using self-storage, we all would like our valuables to be in the same condition that we left them. Unfortunately, the environment of your self-storage could be working against you and could cause your stored items to become damaged.

In order to prevent unwanted damage to your valuables, we have compiled a few methods that will help you to create the best self-storage environment for your items.

1. The Best Self Storage Environments Combat Moisture

Humidity and moisture can spell disaster for your self-storage environment. Mold is attracted to damp clothes and upholstery and can cause your fabrics to rot. Metal items such as guns can rust if left in a moist environment. What’s worse is that moisture on one item can transfer to others and potentially ruin them all.

There are several ways to combat moisture within your storage unit:

  • Make sure that all items are completely dry before storing them.
  • Place desiccators within storage containers. Desiccators contain crystals that absorb moisture. You can buy small packs of them at packaging supply stores. Make sure to replace them as recommended as the packs expire.
  • Make a DIY dehumidifier for your storage unit. One method of doing this is to place a bowl of charcoal briquettes inside a bucket and then place it on the floor of your unit. Don’t treat the charcoal with lighter fluid as this method will not work as effectively and could cause an unwanted odor throughout the unit.

2. The Best Self Storage Units Have Elevated Shelving

Installing shelving along the walls of your storage units has several benefits. First, elevated shelving can help your unit to become well-organized, allowing you to find items easier at a later date. More importantly, however, elevated shelving can help prevent water damage in the case of flooding. When installing shelves, make sure the lowest shelf is at least a foot above the ground. It is recommended that your most valuable items go on the highest shelf to drastically reduce the risk of water damage.

3. The Best Self Storage Units Have Climate-Control

In order to obtain the best self-storage environment for your valuables, rent a climate-controlled storage unit. While the above tips are great, especially if you are having to use a basement or garage for storage, a climate-controlled unit will simply provide a better level of protection. These units can prevent damage caused by excessive heat or cold as well as combat humidity.

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