Is Your Storage Unit Winter Ready?

Cold Weather & Storage Facilities: Winterizing Your Storage Unit

At All Storage, we have storage facilities located in hot and humid areas. We know that preparing for the winter months can mean very different things depending on where you store your stuff. 

Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you prepare for the cooler seasons: 

If Your Winters Are Cold and Humid

If you’ve purchased online self-storage to shield items or vehicles from colder climates, keep these things in mind:

  • Line storage containers with a cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper. This prevents discoloration from boxes or plastic containers.
  • To mitigate the effects of moisture, inflate bicycle wheels and hang the bike to keep the weight off of the tires. 
  • Remove fuel from lawnmowers and other small engine equipment before placing in storage. Fuel breaks down over time and in cooler temperatures. 
  • Clean vehicles before parking and storing. An exterior that is dry, waxed and covered withstands cold temperatures best. 
  • Fill up vehicle fuel tanks with high-octane, low-ethanol fuel to prevent rust. 
  • Add a few extra pounds of tire pressure to each tire, and change the oil before parking the vehicle to prevent corrosion. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

If you’ve booked storage units online and are now facing a few months of varying temperatures and increased humidity, then you will definitely benefit from All Storage’s climate-control features. 

All Storage provides climate-controlled units as an option for those interested. Usually, if you’re storing antiques, cars, certain fabrics (like fur), books or electronics, this tends to be the best option.

For those abstaining from climate-control, try these tips: 

  • Storage containers should be airtight to lock out cold and moisture. 
  • Buy desiccators — the moisture-absorbing “do not eat” packs — to place in all storage containers. They’ll help absorb any moisture that sneaks in. 
  • Place bowls of kitty litter, baking soda, charcoal briquettes or other moisture-absorbing substances around the inside of the unit to minimize humidity changes.

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